The Wheezers' and Geezers'
Saturday Bicycle Ride

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The Wheezers' and Geezers'
Saturday Bicycle Ride

Valley Club Rides

  • The Wheezers' and Geezers' Wednesday & Saturday Rides
    Saturday mornings
    This ride meets at the traffic circle, aka "the roundabout" at the corner of Ivergordon and Northern in Paradise Valley every Wednesday and Saturday morning throughout the year. Start time is 6:30 a.m. April through September and 7:30 a.m. October through March. Start time may move to 6 a.m. during especially hot summer months and to 8:30 a.m. during the colder winter months, especially on Wednesdays. Click on the Mail List Subscribe link at the left to receive E-mail updates about this ride. To ask for current ride start times, reply to the E-mail that you will receive verifying your subscription.

    The pace is moderate to fast and often breaks into two groups: those who want to hammer and those who prefer a more casual pace. 

  • Arizona Bicycle Club (ABC) Granada Park Breakfast Ride
    Sunday mornings
    Five different speed groups from racers to casual "cruisers".
    Meets at Granada Park, 20th Street and Maryland, at 6:30 a.m. April through September and 7:30 a.m. October through March. The groups ride to various Phoenix-area restaurants for breakfast. Ride time approximately an hour each way.

  •  The Hour of Power
    Tuesday and Thursday mornings
    This ride meets at 5:30 a.m. all year at the corner of Exeter and 64th Street in East Phoenix and goes around Mummy Mountain and then returns by the same route. The pace is fast, and the ride features close riding and fast downhill turns, so it is only recommended for riders who are comfortable riding in tight packs while cornering at high speed. Many of the riders who participate in this event are racers. More casual riders often remark that the people who participate in this ride are completely nuts. During much of the year, the ride takes place in darkness, so strong headlights are required.

  •  The West Valley Ride -- Estrella/Verrado
    This ride starts every Saturday at Lifetime Fitness, just north of I-10 near the Bullard exit on the northeast corner of Bullard and McDowell. The address is 14540 W. McDowell Road in Goodyear The ride divides into an A and a B group. The A group rides fast, and the B group proceeds at a more leisurely pace and has a no-drop policy. The Saturday route is 60 or 40 miles with several water stops, a few climbs, and uncongested roads with few traffic lights. There are A, B, and C groups, so there should be a ride for cyclists of your ability. Sunday's ride is a 35-mile recovery ride. For start times and more information, click on the name of the ride above to go to the ride's Website.

  •   Gainey Ranch & Bicycle Ranch Rides
    Bicycle Ranch has a number of rides on its website starting at the Bicycle Ranch bike shop and Gainey at the Gainey Village Health Club. Morning rides are on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday with an additional ride on Tuesday night. The Sunday ride is for women only. Click the heading above to see the ride schedule on the Bicycle Ranch Website.

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